Great War Commander

Austerlitz 1805, Rising Eagles

Scale: 1 counter = 1 regiment, 250 meters per hexagon, 1 turn = 1 hour

Designer: Walter Vejdovsky

Map topography: Rick Barber

Map and box art: Sébastien Brunel

Complexity : moderate

Price: 60.00 €

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Also available in English Version

Series rules (English language)

After Fallen Eagles (Waterloo 1815), Rising Eagles simulates Napoleon's greatest victory: Austerlitz.

Game includes 3 short scenarios :

  • Davout’s stand in the South. The battle for Telnitz and Sokolnitz
  • Bagration, Lannes and Murat: Stalemate in the North
  • The Great breakthrough in the center and the battle of the Guards

Each scenario has its own map for a better comfort.

A campaign covers the full battle in a reasonable time.


  • 4 countersheets, for a total of 468 counters
  • 2 backprinted maps, A1 size (84x60cm)
  • one rulebook
  • one playbook
  • 11 full color play aids
  • 18 playing cards
  • a box