The Summer of 1863

The Summer of 1863
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Publisher: Pacific Rim

Reference: PRP-1863

Format: ziplock

Period: 19th Century



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Point-To-Point movement, with a subtle system that portrays the political and economic underpinnings of the Gettysburg Campaign.

The game is operational in scope. The players are cast in the roles of Lee and Hooker/Meade. The map covers the area from Fredericksburg VA to Harrisburg PA

Beginning on June 10, 1863 with the Federal and Confederate armies concentrated near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Formations move on the map using point-to-point movement, with roughly 12-15 miles between map points. There are up to 10 turns during the game, and each game turn represents 3 days.

The formations in the game are Confederate Divisions and Federal Corps, and also include Army HQs, Cavalry Divisions, and Federal Departments. Each formation has a number of Command Points reflecting the skills of its leader.

Formations spend Command Points to move, forage for supplies, destroy bridges, and cut or repair rail lines. As formations move on the map, enemy formations may attempt to evade, intercept, or screen.

Battles occur when Federal and Confederate formations occupy the same map point. Battles can last up to 3 battle rounds. Battle movement can take place between battle rounds to reinforce the battle from adjacent areas.

Victory Conditions provide players with multiple strategic options for pursuing victory.


22 x 34 inch map

98 die-cut 5/8 inch back-printed counters

12 pages of rules

one 8-1/2 x 11 inch player aid card

ziplock folio format