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Incredible Courage 100 Days - Waterloo

Incredible Courage 100 Days - Waterloo
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Price: 169.00 €


Publisher: Grognard Simulations

Reference: GSI-IC-Waterloo

Format: box

Period: Napoléonic Wars


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Incredible Courage 100 Days – Waterloo is the crowning game in the set that explores Napoleon’s 100 Days campaign that ended his reign and finished his aspirations as emperor of France. Both Quatre Bras and Ligny are required to play this game.

There are 7 scenarios included in this game. These scenarios include "The Battle of Waterloo", "That Darned Chateau", "All for a Farm", "I Can Break Them", "Don’t They Ever Quit", "I Can Break Them", "The Immortals Attack", "The Battle of Waterloo – Earlier Start", and "The Battle of Waterloo – Historical". "The Battle of Waterloo" scenario will give you the complete battle from start to finish with the most flexibility to fight the battle as you want. "That Darned Chateau" is the battle for Hougomont which sucked in both the French 6 th and 9 th Infantry Divisions and still failed! "All for a Farm" shows you the problems specific to La Haye Saint. "I Can Break Them" is the greatest cavalry episode of the Napoleonic Wars and you get to see if you can break some British squares. "Don’t They Ever Quit?" is the Prussian attack against Placenoit and the French reactions to it with the commitment of the Young Guard and a small part of the Old Guard. "The Immortals Attack" is the finale of the battle and shows how the French Imperial Guard is pushed back off the ridge and sent packing. And lastly "The Battle of Waterloo – Earlier Start" allows you to do some investigating if it would have been better for Napoleon to start the battle earlier in the day. "The Battle of Waterloo – Historical" is the just that. As an added feature the rules supplement has a short section describing how to use the unit counters from the Waterloo game, those of the French I Corps, to aid the earlier battles for Quatre Bras and Ligny.

This game features the final map artwork of Rick Barber.

There are a number of interesting options for inclusion into scenarios in this game.

Soggy Ground for those that want to try the earlier start time

The French 1st Chasseur Regiment does not guard the Emperor's baggage and gold

The French 7th Infantry Division does not take as bad a hammering at Ligny and is available to help

The French 21st Infantry Division of the VI Corps does not get detached to Grouchy and is available

The Prussians don't arrive

Game Design: Chris Fasulo Sr

Map Design and Art: Rick Barber

Key Features

(12) 11" x 17" Full Color Map Sheets of the Waterloo area

Variable combat strengths

Reduction by Levels of Order

Waterloo Rules Supplement with National Doctrinal Rules

Approximately 2400 Die Cut Unit Counters and Markers

Infantry and Cavalry units at the company and squadron level and artillery at the section level

Battalion level infantry and Regiment level cavalry units

(7) Scenarios that allow play on smaller parts of the battle or the entire affair

Excellent Solitaire Play