The Fate of Reiters

The Siege of Orgun

The Siege of Orgun
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Publisher: Revolution games

Reference: REV-Orgun

Format: ziplock

Period: Post 1945


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Orgun, Afghanistan 1983 - a strategic valley in the Paktika Province close to the Pakistan border. A large group of Mujahideen (800 strong) assaults fortified positions, including an airfield and a 19th century fortress, protected by a regiment of the Afghan Army reinforced by Soviet forces.

Game Mechanics

Area-Impulse system: fast and well-known combat resolution and activations. Interactive play with limited downtime between players. This is a card-assisted system for the element of surprises, helping to fit in the historical events into the game (soviet counselor, night assaults, radio jamming...). Low counter density. Minimal usage of markers.

Cover Art

Designer: Patrick Ruestchmann


1 - 22"x17" full color map

88 - Die Cut 5/8" counters

36 - Player Cards

12 page Rule Booklet

2 Player Charts

Ziploc Bag