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Death Ride Kursk - IISS Enhancements

Death Ride Kursk - IISS Enhancements
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Price: 55.00 €

Publisher: Grognard Simulations

Reference: GSI-DRK-IISS

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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DRK-IISS is the Enhancement package for the DRK-IISS game set. This package provides the charts and counters necessary to play the detailed, or enhanced, rules for Air, Maintenance, and Logistics, for the IISS Panzer Korps area of the battle.

The Air Enhancement provides the Air units and supporting charts and tables to recreate the air war in a more detailed manner. Air units can conduct Close Air Support (CAS), Combat Air Patrol (CAP), Escort, Interception, Airfield Ground Attack, Ground Attack (GA), and Interdiction missions.

The Maintenance Enhancement provides units that represent the Recovery units for recovering wrecks on the battlefield. Battlefield recovery can be tricky when the enemy is nearby. This is just one of the many issues you will need to consider when planning to recover wrecked units. And if you lose these units then your ability to get replacements is seriously hampered.

The Logistics Enhancement provides supply convoy units that are required to move supplies to units and around the battlefield and has a more natural use of supplies in the structure of unit organizations.

In this package are:

· (3) Unit and Marker Counter Sheets with Approximately 600 Counters

· Numerous Charts and Tables