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Incredible Courage at Austerlitz - Telnitz

Incredible Courage at Austerlitz - Telnitz

Price: 100.00 €

Publisher: Grognard Simulations

Reference: GSI-IC-Telnitz

Format: box

Period: Napoléonic Wars


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Incredible Courage at Austerlitz (ICA) - Telnitz is GSI's first offering on Napoleonic warfare. The game focuses on tactical level combat and maneuver during the Battle of Austerlitz in December 1805. Eventually the entire Austerlitz battlefield will be represented at this level. 2 additional games are planned that would cover the central plain and Pratzen and the northern area near the Santon Hill. These will be larger in scope as the numbers of troops there was larger.

This series will be offered as 3 separate games. The three battles would center on Telnitz, Pratzen, and Santon, with the rules, charts, dice, and all other items needed to play being included with the Telnitz game. Once you have Telnitz you won't need to buy the system items again. This will end up saving money as you won't need to buy these critical items more than once. At the same time this series is based on historical material that will provide, most likely, some additional smaller battles that occurred during the campaign.

The game features adjustable strengths (that help decide firepower and melee strength based on formations). Turns are 10 minutes of time. Having written earlier game rules based on the seven battlefield operating systems which make them easily understood and easy to learn, We have modified these a bit to reflect the period better. Unlike other games at this level the rules are not massive (pages 3-10 have all the rules and the rest is appendices and introduction material). Troop replacements are generated by returning stragglers to the battle. A few special features are adjustable strengths, elite units, and Levels of Order (LoO). Units start with a certain amount of these LoO and as they lose them their abilities are reduced. Movement of each division level formation is randomized through a Leadership factor for each commander at that level. This is going to be a very special game. The level of fidelity and the level of playability have been mixed extremely well. Players will need to analyze many differing factors to apply the winning tactics to the battlefield. They will also be forced to consider contingencies since units will not always have the strength that they normally would. No gaming the combat system here by calculating the exact number of factors needed for a certain odds column. You will never know what the odds column will be until the combat is ready to be conducted. This battle will provide a challenge to both players. There is a short set of command rules, that are currently optional, that will knock your socks off! It establishes a Dispatch Rider system to send orders down to subordinate units (Army to Corps, Corps to Division). And commanders don't always get the orders correctly, or they may be lost, or they may simply choose to ignore them. Another option is to have regimental ammunition shortgaes that can hit at the worst time, and they are more likely as the battle goes on.

Game play is excellent for solitaire play and moves along very quickly. The randomized movement allows for very interactive action and you won't be sitting around waiting for the other player to finish.