The Fate of Reiters


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Publisher: GMT Games

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Period: Antiquity


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Only for those who wish to augment an older edition of Great Battles of Alexander

Phalanx covers two of the major battles in the waning days of the Successor Wars, in which the Greek city-states and leagues and the descendants of the original Diadochoi were still fighting for Hellenic supremacy, and in which the phalanx -- the massive, heavy infantry formation brought to peak efficiency by Alexander -- was still in its heyday. The armies in these battles are very Macedonian in style, with a lot of mixing of unit types and capabilities, with the exception that, because of the terrain, reliance on cavalry is almost non-existent. The phalanx itself was still the army's anchor, although it was only a generation away from its initial comeuppance at the hands of a Roman army at Cynoscephalae.