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To The Green Fields Beyond

To The Green Fields Beyond
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Publisher: Excalibre

Reference: EXC-GreenFields

Format: box

Period: First World War


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To the Green Fields Beyond is an operational level simulation of the Battle of Cambrai which lasted from 20 November to 7 December, 1917. There are two players, one commanding the British and the other the German forces. The game consists of three scenarios and a campaign game. The players should start with a scenario- the British Breakthrough is best- before attempting the full 17 turns of the campaign game. Players should note that each game turn in To the Green Fields Beyond requires many decisions, and will probably take between 30 and 75 minutes to play.

To the Green Fields Beyond is uncommon amongst games in that both players get the opportunity to take the offensive. The campaign game provides opportunities for both sides to attack. The British Breakthrough and Battle for Bourlon scenarios have the British attacking, while the German Counterattack scenario obviously has them as defenders, although they can still often mount attacks as well.

Each hex on the mapsheet represents 1250 yards from side to side. Each Game Turn is equivalent to 24 hours.


Rules booklet

400 Die cut counters

1 34" x 22" Map

1 Die

Storage bags