The Fate of Reiters

ATS Ponyri II

ATS Ponyri II
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Price: 79.00 €


Publisher: Critical Hit

Reference: CH-ATS-Ponyri2

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II



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ATS PONYRI II: The Battle of Kursk in microcosm with new map boards, colorful, and mate to Ponyri I for the largest Easter Front tactical-level game ever published. If you own Metal Gods: Ponyri, this is the follow-on module that mates to create -- massive Ostfront gaming. The new map is colorful and uses the new lay-flat, hard boards, plus 10 scenarios and all the combat counters you need, just bring your ATS rules/play aids/markers. Monster scenario included that uses all map area from Ponyri I and Ponyri II -- requires ownership of Ponyri I to use the monster. Playable with any ATS rulebook edition 4.x.


10 scenarios set on the Ponyri maps 3-4 (shown) plus Battlefield Walkaround in 3-hole format for your binder

Ponyri maps 1 and 2 (shown) in hard board format

German and Russian Personnel counters sheets + required AFV/H Weapons to play the scenarios

AFV Cards to trim out