The Fate of Reiters

Wizard Kings Map Pack 2 (5-8)

Wizard Kings Map Pack 2 (5-8)

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Publisher: Columbia Games

Reference: CG-WKMaps5-8

Format: ziplock

Period: Fantasy


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Maps 5-8 are compatible with all editions of Wizard Kings.

Map 5 is a desert land centered on the Barren Sea. The Henge Edernuru lies in the Khara Plateau.

Map 6 is divided by Murcia Sound and Chanza Sound. Shoals limit seaborne travel to a narrow passage that can be easily defended.

Map 7 centers on the Island of Dragonia with its volcanic Peak of Tears. The Ravenstones henge is across the water.

Map 8 is dominated by the island city of Kelso on the Levan Sea, a wide channel dividing the map