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Strategy & Tactics 249 Napoleon in Egypt

Strategy & Tactics 249 Napoleon in Egypt
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Publisher: Decision Games

Reference: DG-ST249

Format: magazine

Period: Napoléonic Wars



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Forgotten Napoleonic Campaigns (FNC) uses a single operational-level system to examine two of the more obscure, though nonetheless interesting, campaigns fought during the Napoleonic Wars. The designer is S&T Editor Joseph Miranda. The two complete games included in this issue are: The Russo-Swedish War (RSW), which covers the 1808 invasion of Finland, and The Egyptian Campaign (EC), which deals with Napoleon's invasion of the Middle East. Both games are two-player contests of low-to-intermediate complexity, meaning experienced players can master the rules and finish a match in one session of three to five hours.

Each hex on both maps represents 12.4 miles (20 kilometers) from side to opposite side. Each game turn in both games generally represents one calendar month. In RSW, however, winter turns each represent two months; while in EC summer turns each represent two months. The individual units of maneuver represent brigades, regiments and battalions, formations varying in size from a few hundred to a few thousand men. Naval power is represented abstractly with markers used to denote the firepower of whole fleets or flotillas. The turn sequence is given below in outline.

Random Events Phase

French/Russian Player Turn

French/Russian Reinforcement Arrival Phase

French/Russian Movement Phase

French/Russian Combat Phase

French/Russian Supply Phase

French/Russian Siege Phase

Ottoman/Swedish Player Turn

Ottoman/Swedish Reinforcement Arrival Phase

Ottoman/Swedish Movement Phase

Ottoman/Swedish Combat Phase

Ottoman/Swedish Supply Phase

Ottoman/Swedish Siege Phase