The Fate of Reiters

GWASL 1: Tankschreken!

GWASL 1: Tankschreken!
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Price: 99.00 €


Publisher: Critical Hit

Reference: CH-GWASL1

Format: ziplock

Period: First World War



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Prior to his unexpected passing designer and author Ian Daglish sent in his GWASL module materials, joining the work of other CH designers in the effort to bring another era of warfare to the collection. Losing top men is sad, and they can never, ever be replaced. But their contributions, like authors of yore, can speak to us, and we are grateful to have this chance to make the Great War return for an encore ... on your gaming table. It is all very straightforward, and the Special Rules give you the handbook you need to maneuver the men and machines, some representing combat systems never seen before, but prominent since. The Jam Tin Bomb, early Stosstruppen flamethrowers ... and of course the first tanks! It's called Tankschreken ... becasue there is a 'tank fright' rule, written by Ian. But the set covers all facets of the war, not specifically armor—you knew that! You receive new geo boards (in larger AP-style size), two full sheets of MMC/SMC/SW (one British, one German), another sheet of AFVs/Guns/Vehicles. Special rules in color, 3-hole format. And of course, a collection of color format scenarios (10 in all) that all feature German/British combat.

You know how this works. Support GWASL 1 and you'll see French, Russian, American, Turkish, special ANZAC ... and more ... combatants in action in their own modules. GWASL modules also feature a carstock color folder style wrap. Over 640+ color die-cut counters, and all that gear! Fix bayonets and get ... over ... the ... top!


> 3 color die cut counter sheets (2 × 280 MMC/SMC/Sw + 1 × 88 AFV/Gun)

> 10 scenarios in color format

> Special Rules in color 3-hole format

> 3 Geo Boards in AP-style on heavy stock

> GWASL QRDC play aid, folding, 3-hole, on heavy stock