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Montmirail and Vauchamps 1814

Montmirail and Vauchamps 1814
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Price: 27.90 €

Publisher: Ludifolie

Reference: LF-Montmirail-GB

Format: ziplock

Period: Napoléonic Wars



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Montmirail and Vauchamps 1814 is a complete game in the Jours de Gloire series. It covers the battles which occurred on February 11 and 14, 1814, during Napoléon’s offensive against Blücher’s Army of Silesia.

Montmirail and Vauchamps 1814 are battles which give players numerous challenges. Can the French player strike hard and fast, before his enemies escape him ? Should Napoléon send the Imperial Guard into the battle ? Will the Austro-Russian player have enough time to organize defensive positions ? Can Blücher risk a counter-attack ?

Game scales:

Units: 1 strength point equals 150 cavalry, 200 infantry, or 3 cannons

Turns: 1 turn for 1 hour

Map: 300 meters per hex.

Game length: 4 scenarios lasting 7 to 12 turns (4 to 8 hours of play)


2 maps 41 x 59 cm • 324 die-cut counters and markers • 1 booklet containing rules and scenarios • 1 player aid card • 6 small bags for counters.