The Fate of Reiters

ASL Ponyri Monster

ASL Ponyri Monster

Price: 129.00 €


Publisher: Critical Hit

Reference: CH-PM

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II



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What Eastern Front aficionado can resist the largest Eastern Front-themed tactical-level game ever? That's just what you get when you combine Ponyr I + II into one huge module! No less than 16 panels, on the new lay-flat, hard boards with updated art. So bright, no puffyness, no bounce - just easy to look at and play on. Six sheets of combat counters (two sets of each sheet).

A collection of 28 scenarios, all using the color format. Color special rules in 3-hole punch, plus a color play aid. Lay it out, let it take your breath away. Six counters sheets (2 each of the 3 Kursk sheets of MMC/SMC/Guns/Vehicles) and the most massive paylod of Ostfront cartography ever... don't worry we plan to break this record during 2014 ourselves ... and you have the PONYRI MONSTER.


All components from Devils Domain II and Gates of Hell [EXC: One cover, unique to this product)

6 counters sheets (2 of each Kursk sheet; each sheet a full sheet)