The Fate of Reiters

SPQR : Deluxe Edition

SPQR : Deluxe Edition

Price: 85.00 €


Publisher: GMT Games

Reference: GMT9201-08

Format: box

Period: Antiquity



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Delux editions contains SPQR original module plus various modules: Africanus, Consul for Rome, War Elephant, Pyrrhic Victory and Jugurtha.

14 Battles!

5 doublesided maps

6 counter sheets

Rules for SPQR and Modules

Battles (and the modules they appeared in originally):

•Beneventum, Bagradas, Cannae, Zama, and Cynocephalae (SPQR)

•Baecula, Ilipa (Africanus)

•Trebbia, Metaurus (Consul for Rome)

•Magnesia (War Elephant)

•Heraclea, Asculum (Pyrrhic Victory)

•Muthul River, Cirta (Jugurtha)