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  • Ardennes II
    Ardennes IIa Standard Combat Series reissuing of the award-winning game Ardennes from 1993
    76.00 €
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  • North Africa: Afrika Korps vs Desert Rats, 1940-42
    North Africa: Afrika Korps vs Desert Rats, 1940-42The award-winning Operational Combat Series monster game DAK in a tighter, faster-playing SCS format
    79.00 €
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  • Autumn for Barbarossa (Deluxe Edition)
    Autumn for Barbarossa (Deluxe Edition)a Standard Combat Series (SCS) game originally published in Special Ops magazine #7 (2017), covering the struggle to seize Smolensk in the late summer of 1941
    39.90 €
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  • Rostov '41: Race to the Don
    Rostov '41: Race to the Donthe 21st Standard Combat Series (SCS) game covering the bold—some would say “foolhardy”—dash by Army Group South to take Rostov in the late fall of 1941
    45.00 €
  • Panzer Battles: 11th Panzer on the Chir River
    Panzer Battles: 11th Panzer on the Chir Rivera Standard Combat Series game covering the classic mobile defensive battles of the 11th Panzer Division against the culminating point spearheads of the Soviet Operation Uranus
    44.00 €
  • Heights of Courage
    Heights of CourageThe Golan front
    42.00 €
  • It Never Snows
    It Never SnowsMarket-Garden
    74.00 €
  • Karelia 44
    Karelia 44Last opus of the SCS
    37.00 €
  • Stalingrad Pocket II
    Stalingrad Pocket IIStalingrad Pocket covers the Soviet 1942 Winter Counteroffensive and the German operations to relieve the encircled 6th Army.
    33.00 €
  • Yom Kippur
    Yom KippurOct. 6, 1973: Six years after the decisive Israeli victory in the Six-Day War, Egypt has armed itself again to reclaim undisputed control of the Suez Canal.
    27.00 €
  • Guadalajara
    GuadalajaraThis key battle of the Spanish Civil War springs to life! One map, 280 counters.
    29.00 €
  • Rock of the Marne
    Rock of the MarneGames both the final German attack in July 1918, and the Allied counteroffensive that produced Second Battle of the Marne.
    39.00 €
  • Bastogne
    BastogneGame covering the defense of the town of Bastogne from 18 December to 26 December 1944.
    48.00 €