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Tank Combat

Tank Combat
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Editeur : Zvezda

Référence : ZVE6221

Format : boite

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale



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Tank Combat takes place in the war-torn steppe of Eastern Europe as the mighty mechanical behemoths of the German Wehrmacht clash with those of the besieged Soviet Union during the tense fighting of World War II.

Two players or teams take command of a squadron of tanks, represented in the game by exquisitely sculpted models, painstakingly researched for historical accuracy.

The Art of Tactic uses a unique simultaneous hidden order system that keeps all players engaged at all times—just like real combat! The six tank units included in the game each comes with its own “unit card” that clearly displays all the combat abilities of the unit and a list of all the orders that it can execute. Players mark their orders directly on the unit card using the included wet-erase markers—which can easily be cleaned before the next turn. Since the orders are written simultaneously and in secret, the key to victory is to outguess, outwit, and outmaneuver your opponent’s every move!

Tank Combat comes complete with six model tanks (in 1/100 scale), four double-sided gameboards, terrain tiles, game cards, player aids, ten dice and two water-based markers. The rulebook includes only those Art of Tactic rules you need to fight battles using only tank units, making Tank Combat the perfect way for new players to experience the excitement of the Art of Tactic.