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Death Ride Normandy - Sword Beach

Death Ride Normandy - Sword Beach
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Référence : GSI-DRN-Sword

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Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale


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The British 3rd Infantry Division, along with Royal Marine and Commando's, assault the continent at Sword Beach. One of the most important beaches in the entire operation due to its location nearest to the city of Caen. The city was an important objective to capture in the first day of the invasion. Some parts of the plan went perfect, such as the 1st Special Services Brigade getting to the Pegasus Bridge area to relieve the paratroopers at about 1200 hours. The picture on this box cover is of the Bagpiper that accompanied Lord Lovat, commander of 1st SS Brigade.

Death Ride Normandy - Sword Beach:

Sword Beach and Caen Maps

20+ Counter Sheets

5x Scenarios Based on each day, and a smaller Scenario each for 7-10 June

3ID Order of Battle

I Corps Order of Battle

21PzD Order of Battle

Sword WNs

Transport Charts

Wave Charts

Supplemental Rules

And we have Commandos and Funnies.