Great War Commander

Lock 'n Load: Heroes of the Blitzkrieg

Lock 'n Load: Heroes of the Blitzkrieg

Prix : 49.00 €

Editeur : Lock N Load

Référence : LNL-HOTB

Format : boite

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale



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Mark H. Walker's Lock 'n Load: Heroes of the Blitzkrieg relives the desperate struggle for France in May 1940 with this new Lock 'n Load module. Play as the Germans, French, and Belgians. Employ cavalry, Char B1 tanks, Germans Panzers, and much more as you re-fight the German invasion of France.

(From the Lock 'n Load publishing, LLC website)

6 geomorphic maps plus a sheet of overlays.

Over 420 counters, representing the men and equipment

16 scenarios

16 New Skill Cards, providing Leaders and Heroes with special abilities.

Complete V3 LnL Rules, plus the Heroes of the Blitzkrieg specific rules.

Player's aid charts. dice, and box.