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Lock 'n Load Tactical Compendium Vol 1 WW2 Era

Lock 'n Load Tactical Compendium Vol 1 WW2 Era
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Editeur : Lock N Load

Référence : LNL-ComVol1

Format : ziplock

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale


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Lock ’n Load Tactical Compendium Volume 1 World War 2 Era

Bound between these two covers is the content of Volume 1 of the Lock ’n Load Tactical Compendium. Volume 1 is the WW2-Era edition, and it collates, in a re-edited and updated format, all of the essential WW2-Era LnLT articles, maps, and scenarios from every issue of Line of Fire magazine, plus some new content

Scenarios comprise the bulk of this Compendium; and more scenarios equal more gameplay for your existing games. From the desperate moments of the Blitzkrieg in 1940 to North Africa in 1942 to Normandy in 1944 and across France to Holland and into the Hu?rtgen Forest of Germany, in four new scenarios played on redesigned maps. With over 120 pages, 26 scenarios and 6 maps, this Compendium has something for everyone who’s a fan of the Lock ’n Load Tactical series’ WW2-Era games. And it’s all right here:

One game system, one era. one place

Requirements: The following games Heroes of Normandy, Heroes of the Motherland, Heroes in the Pacific, Noville Bastogne's Outpost and Heroes in Defiance, from the Lock 'n Load Tactical Series, are required to use this product to its fullest extent. This product contains some previously released material from Line of Fire and Battle Pack Bravo.