Assault on Gallipoli

C3i Magazine 29 Plan Orange

C3i Magazine 29 Plan Orange
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Table of Contents

Waterloo Bicentenary, 1815 - 2015

COIN Series Complexity - Bigger is Not Always Better

Empire of the Sun - The reason I game is because...

C3i Interview - Game Designer Brian Train

The Travellers of Catalan - Barcelona, Spain

C3i Player - Game Profile of Gian Carlo Ceccoli

Clio's Corner #6: Multiplayer design in Churchill

Triumph & Tragedy: Two Decades of Evolution

Tom Shaw: Confessions of an 84 year old Teenager - Book Review

Labyrinth: The Awakening - From Game Player to Game Designer

Second Hajj - Labyrinth: The Awakening 2010-?

Mr. Madisons War - The Game as History

Jours de Gloire Series & Bicentenary Tour of Waterloo 2015

Los Angeles Game Box Production - No Retreat!: Italian Front

Hoplite Battle Module - Sparta's Persian Expedition

C3i Nr 29 Counter Index & Waterloo Errata & Pascal Da Silva Biography

C3i Player - Gamer Profile of Hans Korting

Inserts C3i Nr29

Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr 29 - Index of this issue's die-cut counters

Plan Orange: Pacific War, 1932-35 - Complete RBM Studio Game

Rulebook, Game Mapsheet, Strategy Cards and die-cut Counters

Davout in Command - Waterloo 1815 Scenario - 1 Card

Wing Leader Scenarios - Cry Havoc & Supercharge 1 Card

Hoplite Scenarios - Battles of Meander & Sardis - 1 Card

Plan Orange - Player's Notes