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Incredible Courage at Elchingen

Incredible Courage at Elchingen

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Editeur : Grognard Simulations

Référence : GSI-IC-Elchingen

Format : boite

Periode : Guerres Napoléoniennes


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Incredible Courage at Elchingen is a small stand alone game of the battle between Marshall Ney and General Reisch, on the north side of the Danube, just before the surrender, by Mack, of the Austrians at Ulm. Marshall Ney must cross the river in the face of the enemy and then provide enough support to capture the 2 main towns just over the river and embedded into a nice slope. This game will come with all the items necessary for play and will not require any other Incredible Courage product to be played.

There's plenty of action for both sides and this enhances solitaire play. The game system will challenge you to use appropriate tactics and maneuvering to defeat your foe. There is a lot of detail in this system, but not the overwhelming complexity of other game systems at this level. Units represent 150 men (Companies), 100 cavalry (Squadrons), and 2-3 guns (Sections). There are Battalion Level counters that can be used to replace the companies. Combat is resolved and losses are taken as Levels of Order. Units will be going forward and backwards based on the firepower and melee strength of their enemies. The Dispatch Rider system and Orders make for something really special and unique in this type gaming. These riders can lose or confuse the orders, they take time to ride over to the commander in question, and commanders can even leave their deputy in charge and ride to get the orders themselves so that there is no confusion.

The package comes with:

Adjustable Strength Charts

Game Turn Record Track

Incredible Courage Rules

Incredible Courage at Elchingen Supplemental Rules

Approximately 800 Unit Counters and Markers

2 d10

2 d6

(4) 11x17 Map Sections of the Ober and Unter Elchingen area