Great War Commander

Ancient Warfare VIII-5

Ancient Warfare VIII-5
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Editeur : Karwansaray Publishers

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Format : magazine

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Theme: Rebellion against the Empire

Mladen Popovic, "Historical introduction"

Tilman G. Moritz, "A history of victors? Josephus' account of the First Jewish War"

Vassilis Pergalias, "Soldiers of the Empire - The Third Gallica during the Revolt of AD 66"

Sean Manning, "A War at Sea? - The Victoria Navalis"

Sidney E Dean, "Titus ante Portas - The Siege of Jerusalem, AD 70"

Graham Sumner, "Roman soldier in Judea - Roman imperial legionary cavalryman"

Joseph Hall, "Rebellion in the Diaspora - The Second Jewish Revolt, AD 116-117"

Arnold Blumberg, "Judea's Last Bid for Freedom - The Bar Kochba Revolt"

Tilman G. Moritz, "On the cover"


Owen Rees, "Let slip the Dogs of War - Dogs in ancient Greek warfare"

Marc G. DeSantis, "Conquering the Sea from the Land - Alexander's antidote to Persian sea power"