The Fate of Reiters

ATS Ponyri I

ATS Ponyri I
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Editeur : Critical Hit

Référence : CH-ATS-Ponyri1

Format : ziplock

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale


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ATS PONYRI I: The Battle of Kursk in microcosm with new map boards, colorful, and mate to Ponyri II for the largest Easter Front tactical-level game ever published. If you own Metal Gods: Ponyri, these are new editions. We've trimmed the scenario count to the essence of the battle, and you'll be ready to dive right in! The new map is colorful and uses the new lay-flat, hard boards, plus 10 scenarios and all the combat counters you need, just bring your ATS rules/play aids/markers. Playable with any ATS rulebook edition 4.x.


10 scenarios set on the Ponyri maps 1-2 (shown) plus Battlefield Walkaround in 3-hole format for your binder

Ponyri maps 1 and 2 (shown) in hard board format

German and Russian Personnel counters sheets + required AFV/H Weapons to play the scenarios

AFV Cards to trim out