Assault on Gallipoli

Medieval Warfare IV-1

Medieval Warfare IV-1
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Editeur : Karwansaray Publishers

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Format : magazine

Periode : Moyen-Age


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Theme: The reign of Alexander Nevsky, 1240-1263

• Theme – Artis Aboltins, 'Historical introduction'.

• The Source – Murray Dahm, 'The Second Pskovian Chronicle'.

• Theme – Thomas Williams, 'The Battle of Wesenberg: Alexander's legacy and an ascendant Russian State'.

• Theme – Ronald Delval, 'The Livonian Swordbrothers'.

• Theme – Erich Anderson, 'The Battle of Lake Peipus'.

• Theme – Konstantin Nossov, 'Russian medieval fortifications'.


• Special – Filippo Donvito, 'In the jails of Saladin'.

• The battle – Susan Abernethy, 'The Battle of Montlhéry'.

• Special – Daniel Mersey, 'Y-Gododdin: a British war poem'.