Great War Commander

Dawgs of War

Dawgs of War

Prix : 19.90 €

Editeur : Victory Point Games

Référence : VPG-DOWar

Format : boite

Periode : Jeu de plateau



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The Howling Skies are upon us! The greatest dog pilots of our time are battling overhead, each growl and yip bringing them closer and closer. As oil and wood rains down from their fight, I just hope I get to see the action up close some day...

In Dawgs of War, from designer Nathan Hansen, you and up to seven additional friends take to the skies for aerial combat in the era of the Great Dog War. Each player takes on the role of a famous canine pilot as you battle both gravity and the other planes. All plays are made at the same time and you’ll be hard-pressed to see the moves coming, as danger can come from any of twelve possible directions. Get ready for the Howling Skies!

What's In The Box?:

• One full color 12-page Rules booklet

• 11" x 17" game board

• 60 Control cards

• Eight rectangular plane counters

• Eight Plane Condition cards

• Eight Speed counters

• Eight Damage tokens

• One six-sided die

• One bright red, 9 1/4" x 5 7/8" Standard cardboard VPG game box

• One beautiful box cover sleeve

• One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin

• One charcoal desiccant packet