Great War Commander

Blood and Steel Trilogy

Blood and Steel Trilogy

Prix : 39.00 €

Editeur : L2 Design Group

Référence : L2-BS

Format : ziplock

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale



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Blood & Steel + l'Expansion Pack + Ponyri

Blood & Steel is a "quick-playing strategy wargame depicting Kursk's climactic tank battle, Prokhorovka. The complexity is Low with only 4 pages of rules. The unit sizes are Regiments & Brigades.

Each player has formations which activate when their chit is drawn. The Soviet player makes decisions on which formations he would like to have on the board and when. Victory conditions are based on geographical objectives, exiting units(German) and not entering reinforcements(Soviet). The combat system has no CRT. You roll a die vs your Attack Factor (anti Armor or anti Infantry)and if the modified result is equal too or less than the value, a hit is scored against that target unit.

The Expansion Pack involves the two other pivotal battles around the Kursk salient: Oboyan Hills and Rzhavets bridgehead using the Blood & Steel game system.

Ponyri Station is a simulation of the armored clashes between XLI Panzer Corps and the defending Soviet forces near the small town of Ponyri, reflecting the high water mark of the German Kursk campaign.