Great War Commander

Highway to the Kremlin II

Highway to the Kremlin II
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Editeur : OSG

Référence : OSG-Kremlin

Format : boite

Periode : Guerres napoléoniennes


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Second Edition!

- Thoroughly revised rulebooks

- Upgraded counters

- Revised and corrected set up information

- Reprint map covers European Russia from Tilsit to Moscow at a scale of 1:1,000,000

- Turns average 5 days each. Corps and Army-Level Leaders deploy on-map, while Corps-level combats units track their fluctuating strength

Game Components

Each game includes:

Game Box

2 Maps 22" x 34"

1 Counter Sheet (280 die-cut player pieces)

2 Booklets (Standard Rules Folder and Exclusive Rules Folder)

4 Leader and Unit Manifest Cards

1 Depot Manifest Card

2 Organization Displays

Turn Record Card

4 Set-up/March Tables

1 Charts and Tables Folder (4-pages)

1 Battle Resolution Worksheet

Each game includes two high quality maps 22"x34".

Operational Studies Group (OSG) is a leader in the design and production of Napoleonic Wargames. Our maps are extensively researched, historically accurate, and printed on heavy cardstock in full color.