The Fate of Reiters

Escape from Chosin: Toktong Pass 1950 ASL

Escape from Chosin: Toktong Pass 1950 ASL
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Prix : 25.00 €

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Editeur : Critical Hit

Référence : CH-Toktong

Format : ziplock

Periode : 1945 à nos jours



Plus d'infos

Two sheets of die-cut variant counters, representing all the SMC and MMC counters, plus AFVs and guns, that you will need to play the game IN NEW FULL COLOR FORMAT, including CCF Buglers, grenade squads, USMC in Winter Uniforms, and much more;

A large historical game map on heavyweight stock;

8 scenarios printed on cardstock

PLUS TWO BONUS scenarios

VARIANT Rules and a PLATOON LEADER campaign game;

The scenarios and CG are fought on a colorful map depicting the rugged terrain found on the Korean Peninsula. This expansion is the first of Critical Hit's products to feature full color counters.

This is not a stand alone game. You must have the ASL Rulebook and any other ASL module (Beyond Valor) for the necessary game markers in order to play.