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  • High Frontier (3rd edition)
    High Frontier (3rd edition)space exploration game by Phil Eklund
    99.00 €
  • Ares Magazine Issue 4
    Ares Magazine Issue 4Includes Sci-Fi game Extractors
    30.00 €
  • Millennium Wars: America
    Millennium Wars: Americahypothetical battle of hearts and minds as a broken US government attempts to rally the support of a disenfranchised population
    19.90 €
  • Putin Strikes: The Coming War for Eastern Europ
    Putin Strikes: The Coming War for Eastern Europa two-player game (solitaire suitable) in which one player (the Russian player) commands the Kremlin's forces, and the other (the Allied player) commands a polyglot international coalition opposed to him
    49.90 €
  • Phobos Rising! Insurgency on Mars (Solitaire)
    Phobos Rising! Insurgency on Mars (Solitaire)a solitaire game depicting the heroic actions of an elite team attempting to secure key facilities on Mars
    12.95 €
  • Ceres: Operation Stolen Base (Solitaire)
    Ceres: Operation Stolen Base (Solitaire)a solitaire game depicting the actions of an elite Rebel task force attempting to seize the largest source of water in the Solar System
    12.95 €
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  • NATO, Nukes, and Nazis 2
    NATO, Nukes, and Nazis 2The successor to XTR's classic NATO, Nukes, and Nazis, this new version is a "What If" two-map mini-monster wargame set during the late-1980s in an alternative universe in which the Nazi regime survived World War II and is set to start World War III.
    65.00 €
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  • Battles for the Galactic Empire
    Battles for the Galactic Empire a two-player game set in the Struggle for the Galactic Empire universe
    18.00 €
  • Night of Man
    Night of ManThe Battle for Earth's Survival
    76.00 €
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  • Talon
    Talona tactical game of space fleet combat between the Terran Confederation and the invading Talonthincanthanadu (Talon) Empire
    55.00 €
  • Galaxy Command
    Galaxy CommandIn GALAXY COMMAND, 1 to 4 players take the role of a galaxy commander. Each tries to maintain a delicate balance of resources, military power, and technological achievements as they explore the galaxy.
    33.00 € 28.05 €prix en baisse
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  • Ares Magazine Issue 2
    Ares Magazine Issue 2includes CFS Quicksilver, a two-player game that takes place onboard a frigate-class starship in the not-too-distant future.
    28.00 €
  • Star War Imperial Assault
    Star War Imperial AssaultImperial Assault is a miniatures game of tactical combat and missions for two to five players in the Star Wars universe!
    84.00 €
  • Imperial Stars II
    Imperial Stars IIImperial Stars II is a two-player 4X strategy game set in the Astra Titanus and Forlorn: Hope sci-fi universe.
    25.00 €
  • Moonbase Alpha
    Moonbase AlphaAs a private corporation, take control and secure what is yours in this two-player lunar combat game, Moonbase Alpha!
    35.00 €
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  • Ares Magazine Issue 1
    Ares Magazine Issue 1Ares comes back with a full game inside
    25.00 €
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  • Star Borders: Aliens
    Star Borders: AliensWith the introduction of two new factions, plus special abilities, flagships, and more, fight to establish control of a contested region of the galaxy in Star Borders: Aliens!
    45.00 €
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  • Star Borders: Humanity 2nd edition
    Star Borders: Humanity 2nd editionA fast, fun space strategy game . With various scenarios to choose from, capture key planets on the map and take control in Star Borders: Humanity 2nd edition!
    45.00 €
  • Dawn of the Zeds 2nd Edition - Boxed Edition
    Dawn of the Zeds 2nd Edition - Boxed EditionDawn of the Zeds is a States of SiegeTM zombie apocalypse game that pits you against hordes of Zeds in an effort to survive until the very end.
    46.00 €
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  • The Cards of Cthulhu
    The Cards of Cthulhuhis 1-4 player card/dice game involves combating various monsters from the Cthulhu universe
    29.00 €
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