Great War Commander

Assault on Gallipoli


One counter: infantry battalion, machine-gun company, artillery battery, or individual ship

Map scale: around 100m per cm

Game turn: 1 day

Designers: Kieran Oakley and Russell Lowke

Artists: José Ramón Faura

Complexity : moderate

Price: 79.00 € 69.00 €


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Avaibility planned on End of June

Also available in French Version

Règles en français

English rules

1915 - While the fronts are established everywhere else, the British decide to launch an operation in the Dardanelles. The resulting Battle of Gallipoli will highlight the courage of the soldiers on both sides and will result in terrible disappointment on the Allied side.

Assault on Gallipoli is a game that simulates the landing of ANZAC units on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. Players will relive the intense struggle to conquer the strategic heights, featuring ANZAC soldiers facing a determined Turkish defense.

One player commands the Entente forces, made up primarily of Australian and New Zealand soldiers, but also including Brtish, Maori, Gurkha, and Sikh soldiers.

The other player, for his part, is at the head of the Turkish defenders, reinforced by Syrian conscripts and German officers.

The game uses many units, including Guard battalions, machine gun companies, artillery and howitzer batteries, and ships.

The mounted map is divided into zones, which helps speed up the resolution of movements and combat. The topography of the peninsula is well rendered, which will not make the task easier for the British. The trenches and barbed wire will also represent a thorn in the side of the attacker.

Fire combat and Opportunity Fire are resolved using ten-sided dice. Close combat are resolved using cards that players play in turns to try to outperform their opponent.

Leaders play an important role in both movement and combat, and their proper use will be one of the keys to victory.

Players also have Action cards that must be used wisely to acquire that little something that will turn the scales in your favor.

The length of a game turn is never known in advance, which gives a feeling of urgency that can generate cold sweats.

Assault on Gallipoli features five scenarios, from the initial landing of ANZAC troops on Turkish soil to the great August offensive. Choose your side, and prepare to relive this terrible battle whose memory, more than 100 years later, is still present in the minds of the people who experienced it.


  • A mounted map (840x600mm)
  • 4 countersheets (19mm squares)
  • A rulebook
  • 2 scenarios booklets
  • 2 Reference sheets
  • 54 Action cards
  • 36 Close Combat cards
  • 20 wooden cubes
  • 6 10-side dice