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Littoral Commander

Littoral Commander
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Price: 69.00 €

Publisher: The Dietz Foundation

Reference: Dietz-LC

Format: box

Period: Post 1945


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Littoral Commander  is a 2-6 player boardgame about potential military conflict in the Indo-Pacific region, a hybrid of standard hex and counter wargames and card-driven games. Players spend Action Points (AP) during their turn to activate cards or move units on the game board. The game was originally designed for professional military education, but has been adapted for commercial release.

The units in the game represent current and future project capabilities for the US Marine Corps / US Navy and the Chinese Navy and Marine Corps (PLAN/PLANMC). The gameplay emphasizes coordination within teams to successfully find and engage the enemy through both kinetic (like missiles) and non-kinetic (like cyber) means. Over 200+ Joint Capability Cards (JCCs) represent a wide range of joint and adversary capabilities. This includes cyber-attacks, influence operations, bomber strikes, submarines, key enablers, and more.

The system highlights the importance of reconnaissance, long-range strike, logistics, and cyber capabilities in modern combat. It is designed as an accessible and modular system for both experienced and new players.

The game features a scenario system, where players can play on four different maps: Luzon, Taiwan, Straits of Malacca, and Okinawa. Players can play one of the baseline scenarios provided, but are also encouraged to adapt and create their own scenarios for the game.