The Fate of Reiters

Napoleon's Wheel

Napoleon's Wheel
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Publisher: OSG

Reference: OSG-Wheel

Format: box

Period: Napoléonic Wars


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1805: Danube Campaign I

Scenarios depicted:

Ulm — Napoleon's Wheel, 9-15 Oct.

Dürrenstein — Kutuzov's Trap, 11 Nov.

Schöngrabern — Bagration's Rearguard, 16 Nov.

Austerlitz — The Battle of Pratzen and Sokolnitz, 1-2 Dec.

Napoleon's Wheel is the next games from OSG's The Library of Napoleonic Battles series. Details on the series are below, as all the games share a common rules set and game system.

Napoleon's Wheel will be the last TLNB entry to include cards.

The card deck in Napoleon's Wheel will be a universal (common) deck that will be the official card deck for all games to follow. (This deck will be available separately on OSG's online store.) Once you have a copy of this common deck you won't need another. The retail price of the games appearing after Napoleon's Wheel will be reduced to reflect the printing and manufacturing savings.

—description from the publisher


• scale: 480m (525 yards)/ hex;

• strength: 500-800 men/SP;

• turn-duration: 1 hour/turn