The Fate of Reiters

Vae Victis 149 avec jeu

Vae Victis 149 avec jeu
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Publisher: Vae Victis

Reference: VV149J

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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Wargame : Narvik 1940

Narvik 1940 is a game for two players that simulates the tactical combats around Narvik in May and June 1940 between the French (Alpine fighter planes, ski scouts and legionaries) and the Germans (mountain fighter planes, marine survivors and their sunk destroyers and paratroopers). The rule is an evolution of the system En Pointe Toujours (At the Cutting Edge). Several scenarios are presented, both on the French attacks and the terrible German counter-attacks.

Complexity : 6/10

Solo playability : 4/10

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

One turn = 10 minutes

One unit = 4 - 10 men