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Bastogne or Bust 2nd edition

Bastogne or Bust 2nd edition
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Publisher: Terran Games

Reference: TER-BoB

Format: box

Period: World War II


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Battle of the Bulge, December, 1944

Bastogne or Bust! recreates the Battle of the Bulge at the operational level of scale. The units represent companies, battalions, and regiments that either participated in the battle or were available for committment by their respective commanders. Althought the game is moderate in complexity, it can be easily taught to those who are new to wargaming. Bastogne or Bust! has numerous special rules to deal with situations that were unique to this battle. There are German Fuel Shortages, the Einheit Steilau Commandos, Skorzeny's 150th Commando Brigade, and a Von Der Heydte Parachute Battalion that actually gets onto the map! A system of off-board movement and combat ensures that the action is no confined to the game map.