The Fate of Reiters

Vae Victis 123 avec jeu

Vae Victis 123 avec jeu
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Price: 14.95 €


Publisher: Vae Victis

Reference: VV123J

Format: magazine

Period: Renaissance & Sengoku-Jidai



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La guerre du Bien Public 1465 is a game designed by Philippe Hardy, using rules similar to Les Guerres de Bourgogne (#115)

The game is an historical simulation from March to December 1465 of the conflict opposing La Ligue du Bien Public (The Public Weal) to Louis XI, King of France.

If the Weal is officially lead by Charles,Duke of Berry, the King's brother, in fact Charles count of Charolais (not yet Charles the Bold) is at the head of many Lords comprising the Dukes of Armagnac, Bourbon, Lorraine, Britany and so on..

The game includes one strategic map and one tactical map to resolve pitched battles.

The ambience of the period is added thanks to tactical chits (charge, ditch, fence…) and events such as rain, no fight, minor ally..