Assault on Gallipoli

Ancient Warfare VIII-4

Ancient Warfare VIII-4
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Publisher: Karwansaray Publishers

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Format: magazine

Period: Antiquity


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Theme: the Seleucid Empire at War

• Michael J. Taylor, "Historical introduction"

• Mark McCaffery, "The rise of Seleucus - Seizing Alexander's Asian conquests

• Spyros Bakas, "The reenactor - Seleucid Royal Guard officer"

• Dennis Pricolo, "Beasts of Battle - Seleucid war elephants"

• Kai Grundmann, "A meeting of great minds - Hannibal at the court of Antiochus the Great"

• Marc G. DeSantis, "the revenge of Polyxenidas - the naval war with Antiochus the Great"

• Konstantin Nossov, "A mysterious wall in Caria - the mainland wall of Iasus"

• Gabriele Esposito, "The army of Antiochus IV - organization and structure of the late Seleucid army"

• Joseph Hall, "On the cover"


• Dan Howard, "Raising the shade of Agamemnon"

• Jessica Billing, "Roman cavalry helmets from Hadrian’s Wall"