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Ancient Warfare VIII-2

Ancient Warfare VIII-2
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Publisher: Karwansaray Publishers

Reference: KAR-AWarfV8-2

Format: magazine

Period: Antiquity


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Theme: War, trade and adventure

Josho Brouwers, "Historical introduction"

Cezary Kucewicz, "Pirates, raiders and mercenaries" (Source)

Pat Lowinger, "Struggles between Ionians and Lydians"

Vasilis Pergalias, "Phocaeans of the West"

Spyros Bakas, "Armoured archer from the Nereid monument" (Reenactor)

Sidney E. Dean, "The Battle of Lade, 494 BC"

Michael Park, "Athens, Sparta, Persia and the Greeks of Asia"

Mark McCaffery, "Alexander's treatment of the Milesians"


Murray Dahm, "Literal dexiolaboi" (Special)

Duncan B. Campbell, "The Romans in Ireland?" (Debate)