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Ancient Warfare VIII-1

Ancient Warfare VIII-1
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Publisher: Karwansaray Publishers

Reference: KAR-AWarfV8-1

Format: magazine

Period: Antiquity


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Theme: Traitors, deserters and defectors

• Josho Brouwers, "Historical introduction"

• Mark McCaffery, "Conspiracy of Catiline" (Source)

• Sidney E. Dean, "David's treason against Saul"

• Barry Webb, "Jeremiah and Josephus: brothers in betrayal?"

• Gareth Williams, "Demaratus"

• Seán Hußmann, "Alcibiades"

• Arnold Blumberg, "Memnon of Rhodes"

• Michael Taylor, "Antiochus' war against Achaeus"


• Steven Weingarten, "Suppiluliuma I" (Special)

• Duncan B. Campbell, "Where is Mons Graupius?" (Debate)