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Ancient Warfare VII-6

Ancient Warfare VII-6
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Publisher: Karwansaray Publishers

Reference: KAR-AWarfV7-6

Format: magazine

Period: Antiquity


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Theme: The Reluctant Warrior

• Robert Heiligers, "Historical introduction"

• Eugenia Russel, "Marcus Aurelius and the Meditations" (Source)

• Simon MacDowell, "Fighting the barbarian threat"

• Murray Dahm, "Lucius Verus' Parthian campaigns, 162-165"

• Christian Koepfer, "Marcomannic Wars"

• Sidney E. Dean, "The invasion of Italy"

• Michael Taylor, "The Column of Marcus Aurelius"


• Vincent van der Veen, "Gambling among the troops"

• Greg Aldrete, "Reconstructing and testing ancient linen body armour" (Special)

• Duncan B. Campbell, "Alexander's wall" (Debate)