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Ancient Warfare VII-5

Ancient Warfare VII-5
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Publisher: Karwansaray Publishers

Reference: KAR-AWarfV7-5

Format: magazine

Period: Antiquity


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Theme: The March of the Ten Thousand

• Michael Taylor, "Historical introduction"

• Patrick Baker, "Hoplite training in the Age of Xenophon"

• Stefanos Skarmintzos, "The reenactor"

• Owen Rees, "Clearchus"

• Matthew Beazley, "Rhodian slingers"

• Sidney E. Dean, "Mithridates' pursuit of the Ten Thousand"

• Sean Manning, "Achaemenid land campaigns"


• J. Albert Morales, "Legionaries at the Sea of Hercules" (Find)

• Duncan Campbell, "Far-travelled horsemen II: the Ala Britannica" (Special)

• Michael Park, "Snatching Alexander's body" (Debate)