Great War Commander

Ancient Warfare VII-4

Ancient Warfare VII-4
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Publisher: Karwansaray Publishers

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Format: magazine

Period: Antiquity


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Theme: Logistics and the army train

• O. Shawn Cupp, "Historical introduction: logistics and the army train"

• Lukasz Rozycki, "The Strategikon on Late Roman baggage trains"

• Timmy De Cabooter, "Logistics of the Assyrian army"

• Kevin Giles, "Mobility and firepower: the Scythian guerilla" (reenactor)

• Barry Webb, "Babylon's Arabian conquests, 553–543 BC"

• Erich Anderson, "Caesar's logistical failure in North Africa"

• Filippo Donvito, "Logistics of Marc Anthony's Parthian campaigns of 37 BC"

• Jesse Obert, "Xerxes' invasion of Greece and its logistical implications"

• Robert Wimmers, "Forging ahead: blacksmithing on the move"


• Murray Dahm, "Waxing lyrical on the ideal warrior"

• Duncan Campbell, "Was Mithraism a Roman military cult?"