Great War Commander

Medieval Warfare IV-4

Medieval Warfare IV-4
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Publisher: Karwansaray Publishers

Reference: KAR-MWarfV4-4

Format: magazine

Period: Middle-Ages


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Theme: The Burgundian Wars

• Theme – Jean-Claude Brunner, 'historical introduction'.

• The Source – Jean-Claude Brunner, 'On the composition of the Bernese troops at Morat'.

• heme – Gabriele Esposito, 'The Burgundian 'Lance': organization and structure of the Burgundian army'.

• Theme – Robert Holmes, 'Swiss military supremacy'.

• Theme – Matthew Beazley, 'The Battle of Grandson'.

• Theme – Sidney Dean, 'The Battle of Nancy'.


• The Weapon – Gareth Williams, 'The mace'.

• Special – Gregory Liebau, 'Legendary duals and the development of a German chivalric tradition'.

• The Source – Ray Cavanaugh, 'The wild times of tenth-century warrior poet Egil Skallagrimson'.