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Medieval Warfare IV-3

Medieval Warfare IV-3
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Publisher: Karwansaray Publishers

Reference: KAR-MWarfV4-3

Format: magazine

Period: Middle-Ages


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The First War of Scottish Independence

• Theme – Arnold Blumberg, 'historical introduction'.

• The Source – Murray Dahm, 'Blind Harry’s Wallace and the sources for William Wallace.'

• Theme – Sidney Dean, 'Highlanders and Hobies – Scottish assymmatric warfare'.

• Theme – Stephen Bennett, 'William Wallace – guardian of the Scots'.

• Theme – Vassilis Pergalias, 'The sieges of Bothwell Castle'.

• Theme – Owen Rees, 'The Battle of Bannockburn'.

• Theme – Tobias Capwell, 'Arms and armour of the First Scottish War of Independence'.


• Blacksmithing – Graham Ashford, 'The process of making greaves'.

• The Campaign – Martin Mino, 'Great Moravia – between East and West'.

• Special – Filippo Donvito, 'The last Condottiere'.